About the Projects

I Have Something To Tell You

I Have Something to Tell You is a declaration, a confession, and a rally cry. It takes words that swirl around deep inside and throws them into the world for all to see. Even the person you're most afraid will.


These photographs represent 40 significant people in my life, all photographed in my 40th year, between June 13, 2015 and June 13, 2016. 


If something is untethered, there is an implied relationship to another.  It is not simply loose or free – it is released from something or someone else.  A boat that is untethered is not physically tied to another, but there is an expectation that it will not simply sail away.  An untethered climber climbs unattached, but there is a responsibility to hold tight, to not fall.  There is freedom but also accountability, limits.

Some people seek out roles as a way to define who they are and put structure around their lives.  Others prefer to live off the grid, free of attachments and responsibilities.  But between these two extremes exists a spectrum of tension between being selfish enough to feel free, but close enough to feel connection.  It is a continual quest for balance and fulfillment – to be insular but intimate, honest but accountable. 

rain 5.jpg

Counting the Angels

My son has a framed poster in his room:  "Children of the World Draw Jerusalem".  I bought it when I was 20, thinking I would hang it in my child's room, whenever that day came.  My son was terrified of the poster, and I couldn't bear to take it down.  So every night I held him, and together we counted the angels in the poster.  It became a beautiful ritual.  It calmed him, and focusing on this detail made the larger picture feel less threatening, more comfortable.

(This is a work in progress. Always.)

Turn Me Inside Out

I believe you can love something or someone so intensely that all of the hard places you have created to hide the softness will fall away. And what is left is an unselfconscious beauty, laid bare.

You turn me inside out.